7 Jul 2016


Today Slow Slow Quik Quik had open studios. SSQQ is an artist run place with six studios grouped around a covered courtyard. During open studios every studio owner is curator about their own space. There is a do it yourself mentality, the place feels personal and welcoming. There is a very nice mixture of video works, a reading room, food, music and plants.

In the plants cabinet there's music playing inspired by the character of the present plants.

Saturday there will be a modifying cactus workshop which I will attend.

At the bar you can get a simple meal and house made strong liquor.

One of the artist shows the art books of her artist mother. This small intimate installation is accompanied by a catalog with photos of the mother matching with photos of the daughter.

And at SSQQ they like to dance, at 21:30 the small crowd is going wild! I thought maybe that's why the place is called slow slow quick quick?

SSQQ Open Studio: Happy smoke, Happy alcohol, Happy sound.
Date: 2016. 7. 7 – 7. 9
Time: 2 - 10pm
Venue: S.S.Q.Q. Slow Slow Quick Quick (1, Sallim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)