14 Jul 2016

MMCA Goyang Residency

MMCA has two residency locations Changdong in urban Seoul with 10 studios and Goyang in rural Seoul with 23 studios. I have my studio at Changdong. The seven international artists at Goyang had open studios today .

Musquiqui Chihying reenacted Leni Riefenstahl in action. The artist tells to me about post-colonial and post -immigrant ideology, for example in the scandal with the Taiwanese flag waved by Tzu-yu, member of the K-Pop group Twice.

 Marilyn Schneider

Daniel Stempfer

New Hell from Takayuki Yamamoto shows kids telling about the special hells they made. There is a hell for persons who always borrow pencil sharpeners or a hell for people who run in the hallway. It is very funny to watch the kids telling about what they have made and it reminds me of how I some times feel telling about what I made as an artist.

Eva Kietzmann is filming Songdo also known as Tomorrow's City. This 'smart' city is build from the ground with the newest technologies 40 kilometers from Seoul. A voice over reads out loud the high promises of the city. Tomorrow's City has everything; there is even a plan to open an art space.