19 Jul 2016

MMCA Gwacheon

MMCA stands for National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. Gwacheon is the headquarter of MMCA. MMCA also has a museum location in the city centre of Seoul, a residency at Goyang (see blog post Jul 14) and a residency at Changdong (that is where I am in).

'The more the better' is a giant tower made of 1003 monitors (sponsored by Samsung Electronics) by Nam June Paik. The work forms the heart of the museum. The work and the museum are build to impress the world during the the Olympic Games of 1988 being held in Seoul.

The museum was founded 30 years ago. Later this year there will be a celabration for the lustrum, leading up to the lustrum celebrations there is now an exhibition about the early years of MMCA Gwacheon.

The sculpture of the figure used to be able to mumble.

The museum is build as part of a culture and entertanment erae with a zoo and amusement park with roller coasters and a cable gondola. You can take the cable gondola to get from the museum to the metro station, going over a lake! (on the left you can see the amusement park, on the right the MMCA museum)