9 Jul 2016

How to graft your cactus

Today was the last day of SSQQ openstudio days. Activities take place during the day like a music performance, a artist talk, food and a cactus workshop. The cactus workshop was given by Soyo Lee who did cactus workshops on several places around the world, Verbeke Foundation in Belgium was one of these places.

So when you would like to do this at home the first step is to sterilize your knife with alcohol to make sure you don't infect the cactus. Make clean cuts and think of a way to keep the cactus pieces on their new positions, use yarn, satay sticks and rubber bands. After fourteen days you remove the yarn, satay sticks and rubber bands. Hopefully the cactus pieces are grown together. If not you can put the cactus parts in soil and roots will grow.


Strong cactus wine and fresh eatable cactus give this workshop a festive taste.