8 Jul 2016

Arko Art Center

New Shelter and The city of homeless are two presentations at two floors of Arko Art Center. Arko Art Center opened it's doors in the early 80's just before the explosion of public and private exhibition places in the late 80's. The focus is on emerging artists and topics. Arko Art Center wants to be socially and politically engaged and stimulates the debate by providing lecture and debat programs.

Title: Open Your Yard & Open Your Heart

Title: Refugee Plants, Vegetable Refugees

Documentary with squatters telling about their motivations.

Dia slide show about living conditions in rooms as big as a mattress.

<New Shelters: 난민을 위한 건축적 제안들>, <홈리스의 도시 The city of homeless>
Date: 2016. 7. 8 – 8. 7
Venue: 아르코미술관 Arko Art Center(3, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Opening ceremony: 2016. 7. 8(Fri) 6pm