20 Jul 2016

Nam June Paik Art Center

The dynamic building  of the Nam June Paik Art Centre has two exhibition floors. On the 1F the exhibition 'Point-Line-Plain-TV' is running with works of Nam June Paik.

'TV-Garden' was first presented at the 'documenta 6' 1974. About thirty televisions in a small jungle of tropical plants.

Today the exhibition 'New Gameplay' opened on the 2F. The exhibition contains apparently some classics from the history of media art and video games. All works are to be played with by the visitor.

뉴 게임플레이 New Gameplay
Date: 2016. 7. 20 – 2017. 2. 19
Venue: 백남준아트센터 제2전시실 Nam June Paik Art Center(10 Paiknamjune-ro, Giheung-gu, yongin-si,Gyeonggi-do)

Opening events: 2016. 7. 20(Wed)
3pm - Curator Talk with 베른하르트 제렉세 (Bernhard Serexhe) and 슈테판 슈빙글러 (Stephan Schwingeler)/ 참가 신청 Sign up: edu@njpartcenter.kr
5pm - Opening ceremony