18 Oct 2016

Kimdaljin Archives and Museum

Near Sang Mun University, one minute walking from the house where we live, you can find the Kimdaljin Archives and Museum. The building has the size of a normal house, from the outside the stairs and retention facade give the building a stately appearance. 

This mini museum is the achievement of Kim Dal-jin collecting meanly abstract art starting when he was a youngster.

The base floor has one exhibition space with eight artworks on the wall, vitrines and bookcases. The curator leading me around tells about the artworks, she uses terms like light, signs, repetitions and techniques. 
I ask her also about why there is 'History' in the title of the collection 'The History of Korean Abstract Art'. It wondered me because the day before I visited a lecture at the MMCA museum about the future of the museum, so I was a little bit in a state of mind where the past didn't felt so relevant to explicitly name.

Six vitrines for six artists that have been important for the development of Korean abstract art. With catalogues, old photos, sketchings and personal letters.

The first Korean Avant Garde magazines.

I recognize the the portrait photo of the third person from the left on a wall tekst. It is the curator of the Changwon Sculpture Biennale where I am participating in. He is famous in Korea because he found out a word that could be used to express the identity of Korean abstract art other than the words that were available to use to express Japanese abstract art.

Plus they have a very nice presse papier.

The museum collects magazines and also makes the Seoul Art Guide magazine.

Here I am on the photo with the director, he invited me to make a drawing.