19 Oct 2016

Arirang program online

An Inspirational Journey in Search of the Five Elements - Installation Artist Tim Breukers

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A Trip to Buan & Gimje of Jeollabuk-do

Tim Breukers is a Dutch installation artist who mainly uses clay to create his work. As an artist with a youthful touch, he believes that all materials are trying to tell him their own stories. Coincidentally, the theme for this year's Changwon Sculpture Biennale is "Eok-Jo-Chang-Saeng: We Create Things. Things Create Us."
However, he has yet to understand the concept of the Five Elements taught by oriental philosophy - water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. Join us as he embarks on a journey to learn more about the Five Elements and incorporate them into his work.

The Story of Water
Buan, a small city that sits near the sea, is home to many a mystery created by water. At the crack of dawn, the water in the salt field disappears due to sunlight and gives birth to a new substance, the salt. Tim has a go at making salt with the help of water and sun.
Next up are the Chaeseokgang Cliffs, a sculpture created by nature. Its beauty can be enjoyed only after the tide goes out. Tim finds himself inside a sea cave, which must have been created by the gentle waves over an unfathomable length of time, and quietly listens to the story of the water.

The Story of Earth and Fire
Thanks to its good quality soil, Buan has enjoyed fame as the hometown of celadon for centuries. The crude clay transforms into an exquisitely-colored Goryeo celadon after being exposed to the glaze and hot flames. The master potter perfectly demonstrates the magical sanggam (inlay) technique, wowing his student. Listen to the thousand-year-old history of Buan's Goryeo celadon, starting with the Buan Celadon Museum.

The Story of Tree
A walk along the fragrant forest path lined with fir trees brings you to an old temple that guards a beautiful secret. At Naesosa Temple of Buan, the beautifully carved thousand-year-old kkotsalmun, or floral design lattice door, captivates this sculptor from abroad. What will happen when color is added to the discolored kkotsalmun? A hands-on dancheong activity unfolds at Naesosa Temple.

The Story of Metal
The sound of metal being struck rings in the distance. Tim is in Gimje to meet a yugi master who breathes life into crude yet beautiful brassware by melting, heating, and forging metal with his own hands. Tim is given a chance to create his own unique brassware, following the teachings of the master.

Water, Earth, Fire, Tree, and Metal
Throughout the journey Tim encounters diverse stories about the Five Elements of Korea. What changes will it bring to his work?