9 Oct 2016

Busan Biennale - Museum

The Busan Biennale takes place on two locations. In the renovated Factory (conform all hipster standards inclusive tons of taschen art books industrial furniture and barista coffee) there is an exhibition with contemporary international artist.

In the Museum there is an exhibition about avant garde art in China, Korea and Japan after the cultural revolution in China:

comment: Pre Delvoi

title: Dialogue with Gilbert and Jorge
comment: dialogue?

title: Shit, Piss, Vomit
materials: Pots, Mixed media

 부산비엔날레: 혼혈하는 지구 다중지성의 공론의 장 Busan Biennale: Hybridizing Earth Discussing Multitude
Date: 2016. 9. 3 – 11. 30
Venue: 부산시립미술관, 고려제강 수영공장 Busan Museum of Art, KISWIRE Suyeong Factory